Intel Not Quite Ready For Ice Cream

Intel Not Quite Ready For Ice Cream


Intel is hurrying to put the finishing touches on their new chips, which will begin appearing in Android powered tablets 

and smartphones early next year. The devices will run the latest version of the popular Android software, known as Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich (Google has a history of naming each version of the software after a sweet treat or dessert. Previous names have included Gingerbread and Honeycomb). Having perfect compatibility is important for Intel, which currently has little to no market share and hopes to change that with their new chips and the devices based on them.

Market share may be a particularly sensitive issue for them these days, as it was recently announced that they had lost market share in the laptop market to rival chip maker AMD.

The Atom chip is to blame for the drop. The chip is used mostly in netbooks, and sales of the once wildly popular devices have been sinking as tablets become more and more popular.  Netbooks, once touted as an easy and portable way to surf the web, have been out classed by slick tablets that boot up faster, offer better performance, and superior portability.

Intel made up for a drop a little with an increased market share in the desktop market. However AMD had made a conscious decision to let the desktop market slide so they could meet demand for their laptop chips. Shipments of their popular Llano chips were delayed when their manufacturing partner could not meet their obligations due to unspecified manufacturing issues with the 32-nanometer process.