Moving From MobileMe to iCloud

Moving From MobileMe to iCloud

At the time of this writing, the deadline for moving from MobileMe to iCloud is still a couple of months off, but I feel it bearing down on me like a swarm of bees on a miscreant beekeeper. I hope this forced transition doesn’t sting as much as I fear it will. 


I don’t really use MobileMe all that much, but what little I do use, I’d like to move to iCloud, and I expect to use iCloud more in the future. The actual transfer I’m sure will  be smooth; what scares me is the prep work. I need to update my system to the latest operating system (OS) version before I can make the iCloud move. The mere thought of that puts white-knuckled fear in my heart, just to mix metaphors. 

Logically, the upgrade to the newest OS should be a blissful stroll in the park. I think I’ve even done a Mac OS upgrade before, and the fact that I’m only pretty sure I’ve done one makes me think it was easy, and therefore not very memorable. Sadly, that was not the case with other OS’s I’ve tangled with, and hence the white-knuckled fear. 


So dear readers, I’m asking for your help. Do you have any experience with either upgrading your Mac’s operating systems? Moving from MobileMe to iCloud? Even better, have you done both? 


How did it go for you? Are there any tips or tricks that you would like to share? If not, how about a word of encouragement? And please, wish me luck!