Right click rantings

Right click rantings

At times, I realize my Mac education is a little limited.

I love my Mac, I truly do. However, I did not grow up with one. I grew up with PCs, and still remember the days of the DOS prompt with the same type of fondness that my grandparents remembered the days of walking barefoot five miles each way to school in blizzards.

At times, I realize my Mac education is a little limited. When I learned DOS and even Windows, I felt like I really needed to learn the inner workings of the operating system to use PCs effectively. Joyously, I’d get to a command line prompt, and type in cryptic commands such as MKDIR C:whatever and FORMAT C:.

When I switched to a Mac, I no longer felt that I needed to understand the technical workings of my computer. I’m often surprised by how well I can shuffle along in a state of ignorance. So today, I was wondering, and not for the first time, why Mac mouses don’t have right clicks.

I was thinking of things I used to do quite easily back in the days when I was a Windows user, such as right click and save.... right click and e-mail... Today I decided to go beyond wondering, and I Googled the situation.

This is what I discovered: I can get a two button mouse for my Mac, and apparently, I can go through software applications and enable preferences to use right click. For some strange reason, I feel both empowered and humbled. Empowered, because I can now set up my Mac to use right clicking, and humbled that it took me so long to dig into this.