The Rise of Apple Shares and Hordes of Cash

The Rise of Apple Shares and Hordes of Cash

The rise of Mac computer manufacturer, Apple has been astonishing lately. At one time, this tech powerhouse seemed too feeble to survive, yet just this week, shares in the stock rose to new heights. 

Shipments of Macs, iPads and iPhones seem to be fueling the rise in stocks shares, indicating business logic, and not unfounded ebullience, is pushing the stock higher. The company has hordes of cash, and though traditionally it does not give dividends, apparently there’s a chance that it might. A chance of earning dividends is also appealing to investors.  


Those who enjoy comparing the financial fortunes of Microsoft to Apple as a kind of spectator sport might find it interesting that Apple has substantially more cash than Microsoft.


Those who aren’t so interested in the financial aspects of Apple might wonder whether Apple might lower some product prices. I haven’t seen any rumors about this, so it’s purely wishful thinking. Or, perhaps the Macintosh-maker will spend more on research and development for even more stellar products. Once again, that is just speculation. 


Then there’s the potential of improving workers pay and conditions in China, perhaps by paying more for component parts if the company can tie the higher payments to the third-party suppliers’ treatment of workers. This is also just speculation of the “wouldn’t it be cool” variety. All that cash though, does mean Apple has plenty of options. 


What do you thing Apple should do with its cash? What do you think it will actually choose to do? Are you invested in Apple? Are you considering investing?