Upgrading to Mountain Lion

Upgrading to Mountain Lion

A checkered past in software technical support has left me leery...

A checkered past in software technical support has left me leery of installing major upgrades, especially operating system upgrades. I am, however, leaning heavily towards installing Apple’s Mountain Lion upgrade on my iMac.

I have been preparing for the process. A short while ago, I started a cloud-based back up service; I could no longer tell myself that I would many back up using Apple’s Mobileme service, because that service was going away. So, I have a back up in place, just in case. 


Next is to determine if my iMac is current enough to run Mountain Lion, and it appears that it is. I can check that off. 


Finally, I will need to upgrade from my current OS to Lion, then to Mountain Lion. I’m pleased that Apple will continue to maintain its unprecedented level of profitability by ensuring I pay for every single upgrade, rather than allowing me to go directly from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion. 


Though I’m not looking forward to the upgrade process or expense, I am looking forward to having my calendars sync across devices. Since Mobileme was shut down, I’ve missed that feature, and I never know where I should be going or what I should be doing. 


I also like the enhanced security features in Mountain Lion. I’m less enthused about all the sharing, and I hope I don’t inadvertently share something I don’t intend to, such as private client information. Really, does anyone truly appreciate how sharing is built into so many websites and apps? So many people are unaware that they’ve enabled sharing, and have announced to all their family and friends that they are watching naughty videos. 


 If you’ve taken the leap to upgrading to Mountain Lion, I’d love to hear about your experiences.