Using Visual SlideShow for Mac

Using Visual SlideShow for Mac

The slideshow will grab viewers' attention and it humanizes the non-profit’s mission

Like many of you, I dabble in using my Mac for creative pursuits. Recently, I volunteered  to help a small non-profit establish a website. The non-profit has a very limited budget, so I donated my time, and I needed to use free photos and tools. 

One vital piece of content we wanted was a slideshow of the non-profit’s clients on its home page. Of course, this needs to look polished and professional, and of course, we couldn’t buy a program to create the slideshow. 

I searched through various free Javascript options and I was becoming a little discouraged. The options that produced the best results were daunting to use. Sure, I could have figured it out eventually, but I could not really justify spending the time it would take, as I had several other clients clamoring for my attention. 


So, I kept searching, and am I ever glad that I did. I found a great product, called Visual SlideShow for Mac. It is free for non-commercial use, although if I need this product for a commercial site, I will gladly pay for it. 


Visual SlideShow was easy to install and use. It offers a wide variety of options for borders, thumbnails, and transitions. You can choose from a selection of standard sizes for your slideshow, or you can use a custom size. 


I did run into one little hitch with using it. I initially set everything up to publish locally, and when the slideshow was the way I wanted it, I tried to publish to a test website. The ftp connection was refused, and to be honest, that may have been operator error. However, I adjusted file locations and names in the code, and manually ftp’d the files to the test site. It was a little more tweaking than is ideal, but it worked. 


The slideshow will grab viewers attention, and it humanizes the non-profit’s mission. I’m glad that Visual SlideShow made creating it manageable.