Why You Should Back Up Your Mac to the Cloud

Why You Should Back Up Your Mac to the Cloud


We all know we should back up, and yet how many of us do it? I’m certainly guilty of not backing up as often as I should. I’ve been lucky that I’ve never needed a back up, but I also realize I have been pushing my luck, especially as I do use my Mac for business. 

I have zipped and stored some documents on MobileMe, which has been a cheap solution for the time. Apple, however, wants MobileMe users to move to iCloud. ICloud will be great for keeping our devices in sync, yet I don’t think it’s really intended to be a solid back up solution for documents, and I should automate the process so it happens more frequently. 


Time Machine is the Mac’s built in back software, and it looks for a wireless hard drive to store files. Putting files on a hard drive in my office isn’t a completely bad idea, as it would give me a back up in case my Mac died. It does not protect my files in case of fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, or that type of disaster. 


No, if you can find a solid and secure service, you may want to consider backing up to the cloud. Your files are backed up off site, so regardless of what disasters may happen to your Mac or to your office, your files are safe. 


Naturally, it’s important that the cloud service you use is secure and reliable. The service should have its own disaster recovery plan. You want a service that is here for the long term, not one that could dissolve next week. 


How many of you use a cloud-based back up service? Which would you recommend? Please share your experiences, either good or bad.