October 2011

Intel-based Windows Tablets Not Likely To Make a Splash

"Entries from RIM and HP were not the shining successes either company had hoped for. "

Windows tablets built on Intel’s X86 chips are not expected to make much if any of a dent in the booming tablet market

 anytime soon.  Experts predict the tablets should capture a miniscule 1.8% of the market in 2012. The predictions rise only slightly to 2.1% in 2013. The 2013 tablets are likely to run on Intel’s anticipated Haswell processors which the company calls a “system-on-a-chip”.

ARM will remain the dominant chip in tablets for the foreseeable future. Shipments of ARM-based tablets are expected to increase a whopping 211% next year. Of course the fact that both the iPad and most major Android tablets run on them doesn’t hurt one bit.