January 2012

Twitter: Censoring

If a country wants something censored, Twitter is willing to do it.

Twitter is probably not known as being in favor of censorship, but has decided to censor Tweets within certain countries at the countries’ request. If a Tweet is censored by Twitter, the person getting censored will get notified directly by Twitter itself.

If someone Tweets something in Germany or France that is viewed as pro-Nazi for example, Twitter is likely to censor the pro-Nazi Tweets right out of the Twitter stream in just those countries, but not only Germany and France will be affected.

It might be easy for most of us to agree with censoring pro-Nazi materials, but censored Tweets in Thailand and China are more difficult for most of us in democracies to defend. (According to THIS, both Thailand and China are all in favor of Twitter’s move, which is at the same time predictable and disturbing.)

According to the Online Journalism Blog, thousands of Twitter users are boycotting Twitter based on its decision to censor their users. But the blog also cites specific examples from “The Net Delusion” in which other social media outlets and corporations have also censored their users. Some examples include: Facebook censoring groups during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Apple censoring pro-Tibetan apps from the iPhone.

As the Online Journalism Blog also points out, Twitter’s censorship will take a different form than the censorship because Twitter will just censor the content within the individual country and not throughout the world. From what I understand, most other cases of censorship by social media have been everywhere and were not just specific to the certain country.

Newest Intel Acquisition

The Intel Corporation recently reported the acquisition of Qlogic Corporation and subsequent brands for approximately $125 million. This move caused the stock prices of Mellanox Technologies, QLogic’s rival, to plummet by 3.4 percent on TASE and 6.8 percent on NASDAQ. This is quite a significant drop for the organization.

Message from the CEO

Despite the acquisition, the Mellanox CEO views the arrangement as proof that the company is the industry-leading solution for connectivity between organization’s resources. At the same time, he notes that the acquisition has created a major rival with significant financial resources. To this point, Mellanox has maintained 83 percent market share. The CEO is excited to begin working with Intel to drive the brand and grab extra market share.

Intel’s Connection

Intel was one of the founding members of the QLogic InfiniBand that was developed during the early 2000’s. Since conception, Intel has acquired quite a few other companies for different purposes including Fulcrum for Ethernet switching and NetEffect for RDMA over Ethernet. It is estimated that QLogic has assisted Intel in shipping up to 40 percent of their enterprise units. Therefore, it is clear that Intel is investing in the future of QLogic as the company can identify its importance.

Oracle’s Connection to Mellanox

The Oracle Corporation is the world’s second-largest software producer. The enterprise has a small stake in Mellanox which many analysts feel it will offset Intel’s entrance into the market. At the same time, the soft results produced by Oracle appear to be a troubling sign.

Sony Plans to Host ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ Previews Around the World

The Amazing Spider Man is already one of the must-see summer blockbusters for 2012. Therefore, it is only right that Sony hosts a preview event of the movie, to add to the already loud buzz that the movie has generated. Comingsoon states that Sony plans to hold the preview screening on Monday February 6th in multiple cities around the world. The lucky cities that are taking part in this event include Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Moscow, New York City, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo. Each city is a major city leaving a large portion of people without tickets. If you do not live near any of these cities, then I doubt it would be wise to a book a trip to view the preview unless you are a diehard fan, and emphasis on diehard.

Why Choose IBM?

Consumers are looking for deals and discounts and this is one of the reasons why many of them choose to purchase IBM computer systems. The popularity of IBM laptops have grown tremendously in the past decade. You might be wondering why you should purchase from IBM when there are so many other brands available. Even if these brands are offering a cheaper laptop, then here are some reasons to consider IBM computer systems.

IBM is known for quality. It has a long established relationship with consumers in which the quality of the their products speak for themselves. By purchasing an IBM computer system, you will be tapping into the technology that has made the company what it is today. This computer brand is one of the oldest companies and it is also one of the most recognizable computer brands.

Dell Technical Support

Tech support is something that all computer companies must offer. The consumer must be able to dial a number or go online and receive help from the online tech support for computer company. Dell understands this and it is one of reasons that led to the creation of their current technical support department.

Why Use Dell Tech Support?

You might be sitting there and wondering why or when you would ever need to contact the technical support department of Dell computers. This department Is ideal for help when any problems arise with your computer or laptop. These problems can be serious ones such as the Blue Screen, inability to boot or operating system not loading. The great thing about tech support for Dell is that it can handle both hardware and software problems.

Record Revenue Reported by Intel

Intel recently reported a fiscal year revenue of $54 billion which proves the company has money to burn. 2011 was a record year for the Santa Clara-based chip maker. Their operating income was $17.5 billion with a net income of $12.9 billion and earnings per share (EPS) of $2.39. Overall, Intel generated $21 billion in cash from operations, had paid dividends of $4.1 billion and utilizes $14.1 billion to buy back 642 million shares of stock.

A Statement from the CEO

The CEO reported that 2011 was an outstanding year for the company due to the incredible execution by its employees. The company boasted a growing revenue of over $10 billion thus breaking earnings records.

The Future of Intel

Intel has a considerable product pipeline planned for 2012 so the opportunities could be even more tremendous. One such opportunity is the continued growth of Ultrabook systems, security, data centers and Intel-powered smartphones and tablets.

Choosing a Dell vs a Levono Thinkpad Laptop

For some people, it is not easy to choose between a Dell laptop as compared to another brand. For example, you might have a difficult time deciding whether to purchase a Dell or a Levono laptop. An example of a Levono laptop is the Thinkpad. Deciding why Dell is better is something that you will have to research when look at what brand of laptop to purchase.

First of all, Dell is completely an online store. The machines are viewed on the website and can be purchased online. This is great for someone who prefers to shop online and already knows what model of laptop to purchase. Dell is more well known and Levono did not fully become operational until 2005.

The Making of a Macaholic


For years, I was firmly and proudly a PC. I had PC training at work, taken PC classes on my own time, and I loved feeling that I was techier than Mac users. So, it was with definite dismay that I opened a present from hubby a few years ago. A Mac computer. I knew it was expensive, and I appreciated the thought, but I didn’t need a Mac, and I really didn’t want one.