February 2012

The Perfect Match: Intel and the Center for Development of Advanced Computing

The Intel Corporation recently announced it will be collaborating with the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), one of the world’s best R&D organizations. Located in Pune, India, the C-DAC falls under the Department of Information Technology (DIT) and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

HPC Academia Innovation Center

The Indian Government announced this collaboration to create an HPC (High Performance Computer) Academia Innovation Center for National Engineering Education and Open Science Research. This will allow the country to take advantage of the emerging technologies released by Intel and subsidiaries.

Key Focus Points

Security Intelligence Plans for IBM

IBM recently revealed the details of its Q1 Labs acquisition which included the QRadar Security Intelligence platform. These new security tools are based on technology acquired from fall 2011. This newly released information indicates IBM’s plan to aggressively expand in the security field.


QRadar is a control center that synchronizes intelligence data and real-time security from over 400 sources. A planned assimilation for the new platform is with IBM’s X-Force Intelligence Threat Feed which monitors (real-time) and average of 13 billion security events each day for approximately 4,000 clients in over 130 countries. This will allow the QRadar system to maintain visibility with regards to the latest security threats and trends.

Bad Guys Moving Faster than the Good Guys

Eclipse - Software Development

If any of you have tried to do some Android development, you are probably familiar with Eclipse and the Android Software Development Kit. I was originally not a fan of Java, and I had more than mild discomfort when I learned Android's SDK is build in Java. But it wasn't too difficult to learn the basics of Android's platform, and once I got hooked into Eclipse, I started to lax my opinion of Java itself. Part of that reason was Eclipse. This development software addressed some of the problems I have with Java.

Sony PS Vita

Sony has dropped a new handheld gaming device, the PS Vita. The device is meant to serve as an upgrade and three steps up from the PSP. In all honestly, I had no idea that a new handheld gaming devices were still being made. Obviously there must still be a market for these devices if Sony is willing to create, and release a new and improved version.

The best in thin designs

Dell is known for offering great products on a regular basis to their customers. Their newest release continues this pattern, as it offers the thinnest, fully functioning laptop that has ever been out on the market. The XPS 14Z is the thinnest laptop the world has ever seen, but don’t let the thinness of this laptop fool you. It is packed full with great features, includes a DVD/Cd burner and everything else you could possibly need from your laptop.

New Communications Technology from Intel

Intel recently revealed several features for their newest communications platform entitled, “Crystal Forest.” According to the company, the technology will manage the processing of information throughout their network in an efficient and secure manner. Simultaneously, the platform with address specialized requirements for cloud connectivity and processing.

Future Video Traffic

Currently, every minute of every day there are 30 hours of video being uploaded. It is estimated that by 2015 it will take five years to watch all video on the Internet. The numbers will continue to increase at an exponential rate which will place additional pressure on equipment and service providers to offer platforms that can manage this traffic.

At the moment, these providers combine specialized silicon co-processors with software programming models to direct many communications. This is an extremely expensive and complicated undertaking that has previously utilized a large amount of manpower and equipment.

Apple and Workers Rights


Whether it’s Macs, iPhones, iPods, or iPads, Apple products users tend to venerate this company. Recent news stories have brought to light a number of issues including worker safety violations, use of child labor, and low pay. Although Apple is not the only company with this problem, it is disheartening for many Apple fans to discover the concerns with labor practices at the Chinese factories that manufacture some of the most popular Apple products. 

Facebook, the New Myspace

"I really really really really hate Facebook timeline."

I really really really really hate Facebook timeline. I changed over because I know Facebook is going to force me to change over in the next few weeks and I want to be ahead of the curve with learning how o use it. But I hate it. My new “timeline” home page looks like complete and total crap. Actually, it doesn't look like crap, it looks like myspace. Did Facebook forget it's not Myspace, where it still looks like it's 2004. One of the main reasons people over 30 got off Myspace is that it looked like crap. Well okay it looked like myspace.

Settlement in the ’09 New York Antitrust Case

Computer chip industry titan Intel Corporation recently settled in one of the final antitrust cases against the company. Analysts are claiming that Intel only received a financial slap on the wrist for its wrongdoing.

Threats and Kickbacks

Dating back to the middle of the 2000’s, the chipmaker was accused by global governments of using threats and kickbacks to maintain their dominant position in the industry. These tactics supposedly paid off and Intel was able to have additional time to upgrade their product line. At this point, the company lagged behind Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to exploding with pioneering products to take the lead in the war.

Intel allegedly threatened to cut shipments to those computer makers who also used AMD chips. Those who complied were also given monetary bonuses and discounts. Intel was also reported to place pressure on retailers to fix specific prices of CPU’s in various regions.

An App That Is CrAPPY

I like apps, okay, I admit that. And I admit I'm not exactly discerning about what I download. I will try almost anything in the app store that is free and even remotely promising. So I'm not surprised when any particular app turns out to be a dude or useless or not fun. At the same time, when an app is produced on behalf of a brand I usually trust, I do expect a little more. It's like listening to a podcast. I have absolutely no expectations for some random “Hey this is me” cast, but I expect what I download from NPR or The Onion not to suck.

Success Tips From Young Tech Start-Up Types

Read these and then throw it away and keep doing what you were doing.

There’s always been young people that seem to push the envelope; ingénues, geniuses, and outliers that seem to find success. Just as there have always been these firestarters, there have also been people attempting to boil their success down to a formula, something replicable and measurable. So it is in a recent series by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan of Tech Crunch. Using Mark Zuckerberg’s “6 Ingedients for Success” and some pontificating on the virtues (or lack thereof) of patience, he expounds on another formulaic formulizing of success.

The Browser Takeover

Google Calendar

When I first heard about Google's Chromebook, I was more than a little skeptical. "I use my laptop for way more than just the browser!" I thought to myself, foolishly. More recently, Chromebook debates can still get me a little heated, but I have come around to something the Chromebook thrives on: Web apps.

Open Source Office Suite for Mac

Does it Make Sense for You?

Let’s say you just bought a gorgeous new Mac, and let’s face it. You blew all your discretionary income for the next six months, and then some. What do you do when you realize you really need an office productivity suite? You need to write articles, calculate a budget for your mac-and-cheese, and you need to produce stunning sales presentations to lift yourself up from the beer budget to champagne. But, you just don’t have any extra money to buy all those software applications. 

Two New Senior Vice Presidents at Intel

Intel recently announced the promotion of two executives to Senior Vice President. Mooly Eden and Richard Taylor were authorized by the board of directors to fill these positions due to their excellent performance.

Mooly Eden

Eden was recently name as the general manager and president of Intel Israel and performed the responsibilities related to operations and strategy, counting the development centers and managing Intel’s Fab 28 production location.

Richard Taylor

Taylor will become the Senior Vice President and Director of Human Resources. His additional duties will include the management and implementation of all human resource programs and policies globally.

Will Mac Touch Screens Be More Than A Rumor?

We’ve become so comfortable with touch screens, given the popularity of iPhones and iPads. It’s not farfetched to wonder if Macs will soon come equipped with touch screens too. A quick Google search reveals that the possibility of touch screen Macs have been a rumor for years, and a rumor that had been put to rest. Just this week though, the rumor once again sprung to life, because it seems that Apple submitted a patent request for a Mac touch screen. 

Mixing It Up On Social Media

I have a very ambivalent relationship with the mixing and blending of my worlds that come about as a result of my facebook wall. I graduated from a conservative Christian high school, for a while I was a nun, I have a rural midwestern born again family, and now I'm a big queer stand up comic. Before facebook, in the days of livejournal, friendster and diaryland, I didn't have to make choices about if I was going to let folks connect, both because I trusted the filtering technology, and because the majority of people were not using social media.

Overview of the Dell Inspiron 1440

One thing that Dell is known for is the quality of the computers it producers. It portable line that features laptops is no exception. Dell notebooks will have all of the necessary features and be at an affordable price. One of these notebooks that you should be aware of is the Dell Inspiron 1440. It is a laptop that is efficient and reliable. 
The Dell Inspiron 1440 has a wonderful spec sheet when you look under the “hood” of this laptop. The first thing that will surprise you is the size and weight of this notebook. It is surprisingly thin and light at under 5 lbs.