March 2012

Sony wants Another Round

Sony is pleased with the success of its latest movie '21 Jump Street' as a result, the company is already in the works for a sequel to the cop comedy. The movie stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as two undercover cops who pose as two high school teenagers to carry out a bust. Tatum most notably gained his shine in ‘Coach Carter’ and ‘Step Up’. While Hill most notably gained fame in the 2007 movies ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘Superbad’.

The More Things Change The More Social Media Stays The Same

A friend of mine recently took a class in using social media and heard some pretty good advice. The teacher her told, she meta ironically later posted on facebook, that no one kind of social media would ever take over for always and forever. Instead, the teacher said, the key to using social media is to be flexible and realize that the next big thing to come along would only be the next big thing for a finite amount of time.

Worst Dell PC ever

I hope none of you reading this have had the horrifying experience of dealing with one of these terrible machines made by Dell, but it is definitely the worst computer Dell has ever released. It is not only the worst on Dell’s list; it is actually one of the worst PC’s ever released onto the market, period. This little problem machine is called the ‘Dell Dimension 4600’. If any of you made the mistake of buying one of these, I’m sure you already knew what the name of the worst PC ever was, before I even got to mention it.


For all you PC videogamers, Steam is probably a familiar name. For as long as I can remember, Steam has been providing multiplayer support for many first person (and more styles, nowadays) shooters like Counter Strike and Day of Defeat. Throughout the years, Steam has evolved into a respectable game distribution system.

Investments in Product Development and Research for the Automotive Industry

Intel recently announced the investment of $100 million to accelerate the development and adoption of new technology within the automotive industry. As the first organization headquartered in Silicon Valley to focus on the automotive industry, Intel sees a future that allows for the connection between vehicles and connected devices.

Intel Capital Connected Car Fund

The Intel Capital Connected Car Fund will invest over the next four to five years in hardware, software and service companies across the globe to adopt and develop in-vehicle applications, mobile devices and sensors. Technology has clearly become an important aspect of modern life. Consumers demand an uninterrupted flow of information. Intel’s view is that automobiles should be able to provide that flow like any other device.

Smarter Cities Concept

IBM recently announced the implementation of its Smarter Cities concept in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In the heart of downtown Rio is a control room that resembles a NASA launch center. Employees are dressed in white jumpsuits and work diligently in front of a huge wall of computer screens.

Real-time Information

Several screens display video streams directly from subway stations, highways and major intersections from across the city. Another group of monitors show weather tracking that predicts rainfall in the region. Yet another bunch of screens present a satellite map with the location of power failures or blackouts, car accidents and other common city problems.

The IBM Experiment

Although the systems flowed seamlessly, IBM is using Rio as its guinea pig to implement this cohesive unit of real-time, streaming information into major cities around the world. The building that houses this high-tech equipment is known as the Operations Center of the City of Rio.

Jailbreaking Video Game Systems

You may have tried to purchase some type of electronic device off of eBay for a cool discount. While doing this you may have noticed sellers listing some jailbroken items for sale. Things like phones are most commonly jailbroken, and sold online for a huge profit. The point of jailbreaking a phone or mp3 player is to be able to do things that would otherwise have restrictions. Jail broken devices can easily be made compatible with any carrier as a prepaid phone. A recent surge in jailbroken video game systems has also hit the market.